29 Palms

Tafraout 29/01/2015

Sat writing this just before we leave the splendid town of Tafraout and say goodbye to our travelling chums of the last fortnight Carol & Ken. Sob.

Tafraout 22/01 – 29/01/2015

As soon as we got out the van we could smell this was a tremendous town. The air was clean and had a refreshing lilt unlike the acrid stench of Tagazoute. Don’t get me wrong, Tagazoute may be a fine place but not when you have got to share it with hundreds of travellers whose sanitary habits are not the best. That’s enough about the French.

For the first couple of days we did not a lot, resting after driving a thousand miles on roads that are not always the best and catching up on washing.

We stayed at Camping Tazka, clean, cheap and in addition provided a damn fine Petanque arena for us to destroy our playing partners Ken and Carol.

And here are a couple of pictures of the campsite, and a view from. The only downside was each time I looked at the red rocks I was reminded of that blasted U2 concert.

red rocks at Sunset from the campsite

Camping Tazka

Finally our slothful approach to life got the better of us and we made the hasty decision to go on a 4×4 tour of the nearby Mountains and Oasis. We duly employed the services of Hamid, unusual, a name more familiar to London than Morocco we thought.

Tourist Tip: Look on websites such as Tripadvisor and see what others have got the trip for, then undercut it. We got ours for €25 instead of the €30 claimed by others. A smattering of Arabic helps here. Try enta maafi faloose. Meaning I have no money. Panic if the chap responds in Arabic.

Needless to say the tour was brilliant. The scenery constantly changing from fractured granite, to dense verdant Palmaris, and finally lonely arid desert landscapes. At the end of it we were taken to a place where it looks like the local felons had daubed paint everywhere. I think the pictures are better than my ramblings, so here we are.

Napolean’s hat or Losers hat

Desert Rats

Loser’s Hat with House

Another Desert View

Wistful in a Wadi

Ait Mansour

Ait monsour gorge

Hilltop village

Tourists waiting for a Berber Omelette

hat Swapping in the Desert

Hand Painted Roadsign

Painted Rocks


Tourist Tip: Be aware of Donkeys when entering property in Morocco that just happens not to be your own. They tend to bleat the house down and charge. Yep, donkeys.

Apart from the endless thrashings of Petanque given out we went back into our endless indolent routine. But come Wednesday, come big market day. The highlight of the Trafaout calendar and we were going to be there. You could buy anything here from dodgy Viagra, to live animals, phones, witch doctor accessories, fruit and veg and my personal favourite, a stall selling scaffold bolts and nothing else. Here are some pics to help give you a flavour. Watch out for the cute little girl, in pink of course.

Market Girl

Another Market Girl

Our final outing before leaving was to have lunch at Chez Sabir. This is a room inside the home of Abdel & Jane, he a culinary genius, she an author from Cornwall. The food was excellent and Abdel a wonderful charming host. Here are our final Pic. You may notice my hair has been trimmed slightly, styled by Tracy, cut by Carol. Thank you ladies.

Colour Supplement:  There is no colour supplement this week because he took me to a market. yes a market.

Love to all


Noshing at Chez Sabir

2 responses to “29 Palms

  1. Eamonn, You should seriously consider writing a travel book based on your travels. I love the style you use and the stories are great. Its like still having your witty observations on life still around the sorry stuff I still do and you used to. Keep on trucking!


    • Thanks Al, glad you are enjoying it. I still have the key code in the van😄. Hope your getting the post song titles and their reference. Not long until you can do something similar. Cheers


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