Tafraout 27/01/2015

Yep I have been naughty again and not done the blog. But when the sun is shining………..

Safi 18/01 – 19/01/2015

Arrived in Safi just before the heavens opened. The International campsite de Safi was a bit out of town and a bit run down. The campsite was being run by a chap from Gloucester Road in London and he just wanted to go home but was unable due to family pressure. It was also surrounded by Mosques who were in competition with the volume up to 11.

The next day, us, Carol and Ken went by Taxi into the town to buy some pottery, them a Tajine, us some plates. The guidebooks bleated on about the quality of the pottery here so why not. Here is a couple of Pics of us buying stuff.

Buying Pottery with Carol in Safi

Safi Pottery

As Safi did not have anything else to offer we got back to the vans and headed off for Essaouira. This was an interesting journey along not the greatest road in the world. Some of it was just mud. But there were some good views on the way.

View from the R301 towards Agadir

Essaouira 19/01/2015 – 21/01/2015

But what awaited us at the destination was our first place in Morocco that was a little bit of all right. Better than that, it is a rather sophisticated resort appealing to the international traveller with swanky hotels along the corniche, an interesting white washed old town and some tasty restaurants.

First stop was the newly opened Carrfore for some provisions and then to the Gardien Parking behind the Sand Dunes. That night us, Ken and Carol went out for a meal in the old town. Tajines all round and a very palatable bottle of Moroccan Red. Coffees and Brandies pushed the meal up to £12 a head, but we deserved it.

The next day Tracy and me had a walk into town and spent a lovely morning/ afternoon exploring this wonderful place. First stop was some Argan Oil. It is much cheaper here than back home or for that matter in most places in Moroccco.

Colour Supplement: Hello Ladies, I have tried the cosmetic oil and to be frank it was lovely when it went on but soon my skin felt dry. There is still nothing better than Kiehls so don’t bother with the Argan Oil, Leave it for the Goats.

We had a meal out in the square and just generally chilled. Sorry, forgot I had a shave.


Here are some other Pictures of Essaouira we took. A town that is well worth a visit.

Corniche Essaouira

Essaouira medina

21/01/2015 Essaouira to Tagazoute.

This drive along the N1 is quite spectacular. The first hour or so goes through an Argan forest. This is where the goats apparently leap up the trees to eat the Fruit. Well would you know it, bang on cue the lovely little creatures performed.

Goats up trees

After there was some stunning mountain and coastal Scenery. Truly wonderful.

Tagazoute 21/01/2015 – 22/01/2015.

Arrived in Tagazoute and decided it was not for us and left the next morning. Here are some pics so you can make your own mind whether it is worth the 2000 mile journey.

22/01/2015 Tagazoute to Trafaoute

One of the great drives of my life. Stunning. Take the R105 from Agadir, made even more special by the 30Km detour through some villages not changed since biblical times.  The pictures will not do it justice, but you can judge for yourself. And Trafaoute is coolio but that is a subject of a later blog. Take care


From Agadir to Trafaout


3 responses to “Drive

  1. Hope you had a good shave, doesn’t look like the sort of place you would go for a Starbucks and muffins after. Then again I guess there are much better things to do there.


    • The shave was very good and I didn’t miss a flight this time 😄 lots to see and do here but mostly it’s about the weather I suppose. However, there are a couple of ski resorts in the Atlas Mountains. Everything OK with you?


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