Sol Train

Algercias 14/01/2015.

I am writing this from a car park outside some dismal discount store blaring out country music, in the even more dismal town of Algercias. There is no point coming here unless you are on the ferry to Morocco.

As always the route we took.

Sevilla to Estepona 11/01/2015

We left Sevilla nice and early Sunday morning and headed South East to join the other Moroccan bound Funsters at the Parque Tropicale campsite in Estepona. The journey from Sevilla to the Coast is in all fairness a rather pleasant one on a freebie Motorway. It crosses a mountainous stretch as you near the coast and the keen eyed twitchers among you will spot the soaring Griffon Vultures giving an immaculate aerodynamic display. Being an Englishman it always gives me a slight giggle to pass Gibraltar, I wonder what Mr Farage thinks of it?

Anyway we found our home for the next three nights and settled in with fellow funsters; Terry & Brenda, Larry & Pauline, Brian & Ann, Ron & Jeanette, Colin & Tina, Ken & Carol and Sue. As nice a bunch of people as you could wish to meet.

Estepona 11/01/2015 – 14/01/2015

We didn’t do a lot to be fair. Sorted out the garage, again. Did some washing, again. Cleaned the windows, again. Emptied the toilet cassette, again and again. We also watched and enjoyed the final series of Breaking Bad. Best baddy of all time, no, but good fun nevertheless.

On the night of the 13th we had an impromptu BBQ after Terry had given us his Morocco de-brief. This was hosted by designated Social Secretary Jeanette. I believe a good time was had by all. Up early this morning for departure to Algercias stopping off to fill up with Gas, hope it lasts. We have also stocked up with Wine and Piggy based products for African Adventure that starts tomorrow.

Here is a Piccie of some of the Funster vans lined up ready to roll in the morning.

Take Care


One response to “Sol Train

  1. Hi both – all sounds good, but trying to work out why you have gone to Estepona when you are going to sail to Morocco from Algeciras? Good job you are with other travellers Trace, otherwise Eamonn could wind you up in Algeria, noting his geographical knowledge so far 😉
    Only joking – like I said earlier your adventure so far sounds really fun.
    And really nice to have companions!!


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