Woooooo Macarena

Estepona 12/01/2015

First things first. The route we took.

Second things second

Here is our poem for Spain

Hello Spain,

It is us again

here in Spain.

We missed you in the main, Spain,

With your shops that are never open

And the never ending noise of people shouting at each other while having lunch.

We like you Spain,

You fixed the pain

Of our broken taps

So we can’t complain

About you Spain

Apart from the never ending noise of people shouting at each other while having lunch.

Sevilla 08/01/2015 – 11/01/2015

We left the splendour of our 5* retreat and headed for Sevilla. This was an uneventful drive east along the motorway. Scenery was uninspiring as you can tell from the poetry. The journey took about two and half hours and our first stop was the Knaus dealer in Sevilla to get our tap fixed. To cut a long story short we now have a new tap when only a microswitch was needed and cost us €80 instead of the estimated €30. It just meant Tracy had to miss out on her fitness session with the Pedro the personal trainer. As if. We then headed to the Aire at Puerto Gelves some 4Km South of Sevilla to park up for Three nights.

Homie Help: Before you set off on your travels be wise and carry a couple of spare tap microswitches. According to Tommy at CamperServ this is the most common fault while homing.

The next day we headed into Sevilla bright and early on the bus. After a quick orientation we bought a two day ticket for the hoppity on and off bus. I still don’t know how I get suckered into these Bus things. Anyways off we trundled for a couple of hours of what is a truly beautiful city. The place is immaculately clean, has fabulous architecture, endless back streets to die for, well wander around, verdant parks and elegant wide Boulevards. This is without doubt Spain’s most beautiful city and easily the best place city we have visited, and we haven’t mentioned the food yet. It is going to be hard to do justice with the camera but here are some pictures of the splendour known as Sevilla.

Tourist Tip: If visiting Sevilla in the winter do not bother of going out before midday as it is extremely parky. It really doesn’t start to warm up until 14:00.

Sevilla Cathedral

Sevilla Cathedral

Orange Trees Everywhere

Orange Trees Everywhere

Posh Hotel

Posh Hotel

After our bus trip we went for a walk around and upon what is reputed to be the largest wooden structure in the world. Me, I think the Forbidden City in Beijing looks a tad larger. Besides that, it is a marvellous architectural addition to the cith and should be on your must see list.

Here are some Piccies from the top of structure.

On top of the Wooden Thing

On top of the Wooden Thing

Cathdral from Wooden thing

Cathdral from Wooden thing

After all this exertion we headed into the Almafa district for some Tapas. First up was Bar Almafa which has a vegetarian/Vegan bent to the menu. However, the meatless feast was rather tasty. This was all cooked up by a chap that bared an uncanny resemblance to our son-in-law. He is now known forever as Spanish Stu. We hit next door for some more Tapas in the Bodega. By now I was on the Sherry and came up with the idea of ‘let’s buy Dressing Gowns’. So off we trundled to El Corte Ingles.

One may have noticed this Blog has a manly slant. Well to rectify this we now have a new section known as Tracy’s Colour Supplement.

Colour Supplement: Ladies, when buying a dressing gown with your man the first tip is to make sure you say very complementary things about the cheapest man gown you can find. This simple trick allows extra budget for yours. Secondly, appear disinterested and slightly sulky about anything the man offers. Parallel to this scan around the shop for the more exquisite gown you can find. Lastly, make your way slowly towards selected gown, but do not select. Say there is nothing suitable while stroking your selected gown. Hey Presto your man will then select the chosen gown for you.

After the gown purchase we headed home for a quiet night and a little Breaking Bad.

Next day we headed back into town and the first stop was a quick whoosh at the Cathedral. We didn’t go in. Christopher Columbus is allegedly buried there. Me, I have always been sceptical the new world was founded by a bloke called Christian Earth.

We did go in the Alcazar, the old Palace. It is a stunner, especially the Moorish parts and gardens. We feel nicely warmed up for Morocco after a good part of the day exploring this ex royal Pad. Well worth a visit we say and here are some pictures.

Cathedral poking its head through the Gardens of the Alcazar

Cathedral poking its head through the Gardens of the Alcazar

Don Pedro

Don Pedro

sevilla (8 of 1)

Don Pedro Entrance Door

Don Pedro Entrance Door

Tourist Tip: It is a well known fact the Spanish can stand shoulder to shoulder with any European worker. But there is a little chink in the Spanish work armoury when it comes to establishments that open ‘all day’. They still go for siesta. It is therefore possible to walk in through the exit of the Alcazar and gain entrance without paying. Of course we condone this.

In the afternoon we headed around the old Jewish Quarter before hitting on the Catalina Tapas Restaurant. Wowzer, the best food by a country mile we have had this trip. Fabulous creation all in mini-me size. Really wonderful, top, top, nosh in a top, top, City. We rounded off in the Plaza Roma with a glass of wine and people watched. We think we say the whole city apart from the Macarena district. Mainly because I would still be doing that stupid dance. We will be going back. We left on the 11th to head over to Estepona to join up with the Funsters to head across to Morocco.

The Yummiest food ever. Catalinaa in Sevilla

The Yummiest food ever. Catalina in Sevilla

Take care


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  1. The blog is looking up especially with the added colour and I now know all there is to know about something I will most probably never do …..shop for a dressing gown!
    Great pics and tips for Sevilla especially as looking to go for a break there later this year 😉 keep up the good work and enjoy

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