The Whole of the Moon

Guia, The Aglarve 14/12/2014

The Setubal Penisula 5/12 – 6/12/2014

Firstly the route.


As a North London boy I know a thing or two about crossing a river into an area of barren wasteland bereft of infrastructure, public transport and proper shaped buildings. But not even that could brace me for the post-punk Armageddon that is the northern Setubal peninsula. Just to round things off this is where the septic one, who plays the leading role in Romans Russian circus is from. After crossing the Tagus on the Golden Gate lookylikey bridge and hanging a right we entered a world that resembled the aftermath of a nuclear war. There appeared to be miles upon miles of tented villages, broken down vehicles and roaming rabid dogs. We decided quite smartish this was not our cup of tea and headed for Sesimbra. Unfortunately, due to half the roads being closed off and the ones that wasn’t being full of holes we didn’t reach there to dark. Furthermore, our perceived camping spot had a huge no Homie sign. After a quick scan on Autoroute and with time moving on we hightailed it to Setubal. A city of one pleasant street and nothing else to lure the travelling homie.

We did find somewhere to lay up for the night, outside a restaurant sporting a Brazilian Buffet. This concept is along similar lines to the Chinese Buffet, except the food is Brazillian. Brazilian food seems to be a lump of meat or fish heaved on to a Barbie. If you are interested it was €9 a pop for all you could eat and was called O Mineiro.

We were woken in the morning by a suspected peeved man who couldn’t get his van where he wanted. So we moved it round the corner and guess what we found? Yep, A designated Homie parking spot, not 50 yards from where we were. No wonder he was anxious. We decided to redo the drive from Portinho to Setubal as we had recommendations of pleasantness. It is a scaled down version of the Almalfi coastline and only about 20 miles long. After this we headed for the Dam at Barragem do Pego do Altar.

Here is a picture of a bit of it.


Tourist Tip: Do not go down the road signposted to Portinho as you will have to leave your car and walk to the restaurant. Just keep on the main road and the first restaurant you come to is the one you want.

Barragem do Pego do Altar 6/12 -7/12/2014

This was recommended to us by some veteran homies way back when we were in Spain and they were not wrong. There is a restaurant and facilities to replenish ran by a like-minded enthusiast of the Portuguese chapter and all for free. Homie heaven. We sat outside and stoked up the Barbie. Here are some pictures of said place and our food. You can still see we are gloaming our way around.

121414_1719_TheWholeoft3.jpg 121414_1719_TheWholeoft4.jpg

Just after dark Mr Moon made an appearance and what an appearance. We even thought it Naff enough to play along some R.E.M as we watched it rise.

Lagoas de Santo Andre e Sancha 7/12 – 8/12/2014

We managed to get a prime parking spot right next to the beach. So we parked up, did a bit of kite flying and went for a meal in the café. This is a pleasant place to stay with the lagoon and sea separated by a sand bar. There are some little terns to be seen just to nicely round things off. Gosh it was windy though.

Homie Help: This is a really good place for a lengthy stay. As you approach the car park at the end of the road turn left and hide yourself in the dunes. Might not be as windy as where we were. Bonus.

Here we are

Porto Covo 8/12/2014

This is a town with a free Aire, a pedestrianised street selling tat and run down beach area that smelt of sewers. Thanks again Lonley Planet for the recommendation. We serviced our motorhome and left.

Vila Nova de Milfontes 8/12 – 9/12/2014

We are beginning to notice something wrong with our twelve volt electricity supply, to be fair we have always thought our batteries went flat rather quickly. But we seem not to be charging them as we motor along which is disconcerting. This is a pleasant place to be, it is no Cascais but certainly the best spot since leaving Lisbon. There is a splendid place to park for free on the other side of the river. This we did and had a good night kip. No dogs.

Next morning after checking the weather forecast we decided to hit the Algarve in one ride. Lagos here we come, all 20°C.

Lagos 9/12/2014

First stop the bike shop and my best friend Valter. He has a quick look and says no problem, tomorrow OK? I have been to every posy bike shop for the last three weeks to get my bike fixed and have been thwarted at every attempt. Valter doesn’t seem to have a workshop and only has half a dozen of second hand bikes for sale. But we are in a serious Hobsons moment with this bike. Bike left, receipt given, time to mosey on over to the aire, get the deckies out and soak up some rays.

We had only been there about ten minutes when the vans electrical system went into meltdown. Warning signs everywhere, fridge switched off and buzzing a plenty. Our 12v system had failed completely. So off to a campsite for emergency hook-up and work out what to do next. With no Knaus dealer in Portugal and no English speaking person at Knaus we were not hopeful.

And there we leave it.

Love to all



2 responses to “The Whole of the Moon

  1. As another North London boy I fully understand and support your comment about crossing over bridges and the wasteland beyond. It made me smile. It looks like your trip is proceeding well. Enjoy, and keep the blogs coming.


  2. Sounds like all is not quite going to plan, I know the feeling well, our boiler died a few days ago when out, yours sounds like psb in the 12v system. Hope you get it sorted double quick. Look forward to reading your future posts.


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