Portugal Stopovers

18/11/2014 Nazare Portugal

This is our route and list of stopovers in Portugal. As we Plan to be here another six weeks then this list will grow.

Here is our list of stopovers including the unique Eamless rating based on: Location, Noise, Slopeiness, Price, Wifi & Facilities

With Bike Rack we are a shade over 8m in length and weigh 4 tonnes.

Wifi is judged using an Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 Bridge and AirRouter.

We use the following categories: Campsite (C), Aire (A) if this includes Motorhome Service Point, Car Park (P), Street (S), Wild (W)

All prices in Euros. If there is an A this is the ACSI price, O the Orbitur club price.

Portugal Stopovers No Place Type Price Rating Co-Ords Date Comment
1 Caminha C 10 O ①②③ 41.86633°


Very Sandy, 4Km from Town, walk to great beach, restaurants close by, patchy WiFi
2 Viana Do Castelo C 10 O ①② 41.67822°


Sandy and Muddy, showers not great. Long way from town over dangerous narrow bridge. Noisy from Disco?
3 Barcelos P Gratis ①②③ 41.52821°


Went for the market that happens every Thursday. Car Park behind swimming pool on river Bank. No problems and the town is OK to.
4 Arcos de Valdevez P Gratis ①②③ 41.84735°


Car Park next to River. Handy for Vinho Verde wine trail and Peneda National Park which is stunning. Town OK but not great
5 Porto C 10 O ①② 41.10786°


Looked in a state of disrepair. Showers, etc mediocre. Fast Wifi. And the bus journey into Porto is to die for. 400m from beach
6 Sobrado De Paiva P Gratis ①② 41.03974°


In town centre car park. Noisy all night with street racers drunks from the disco and busses. Handy for starting the N222 drive through the Douro
7 Pinhao S Gratis ①②③④ 41.18970°


On Quayside in wonderful town that is the centre of the Port industry. Quaffing available everywhere. Would give 5 stars but took two days to get out on steep wet cobbles
8 Belmonte A Gratis ①②③ 40.36340°


Set in small town park with toilets, showers and BBQ area. Supermarket, cheap diesel, restaurants and laundry all very close. Nowhere to empty grey water. Noisy from road and busses in morning
9 Relva P Gratis ①②③ 40.04564°


Car Park in centre of village underneath the mountain top citadel of Monsanto which a very special place. Drinking water available. Noisy with Farm traffic in mornings
10 Vila Velha de Rodao A Gratis ①② 39.65086°


In a good spot by river. Noisy with Lorries and train. Uninspiring town that smells of cabbage. Was busy when we were there in mid-November. Close to Motorway South
11 Abrantes A Gratis ①② 39.45332°


In a car park by the river. Only 2 bays. Next to Pub/club and a mountain climb into town. All a bit isolated for us.
12 Tomar P Gratis 39.59943°


On muddy car park in centre of town in not the best area. Shared with travelling fairground vehicles and families resting for the winter
13 Tomar P Gratis ①② 39.60370°


In car park of the convent. During the day you can only stay 4 hours. OK for a night but be on your toes by 8am
14 Nazare C 16A ①②③④ 39.62029°


Lovely campsite let down by no hot water in the showers. Free WiFi, not far from a Lidl. Onsite Bar restaurant. Bit of a schlap into town/beach
15 Nazare P Gratis ①②③④⑤ 39.59688°


Free overnighting in the centre of this fabulous town. At weekends this place is full by 4pm even in the winter. Come and watch the waves, the biggest in the world.

2 responses to “Portugal Stopovers

  1. Arrr hello you two..lovely to hear from you..so pleased to hear the van got nice new parts and you’re now in Portagal,beautiful..have a wonderful time there..shocked to hear its been raining,unbelievable,still,sunny for you today so lets hope thats how it stays for you..same old,same old at work apart from ‘Dawn’ in coffee shop had massive row with hanif and handed in her notice,shes got few interviews lined up so im sure she’ll be fine..Peter also has found new job driving mini bus for disabled people,couldn’t bear Riaz any longer lol..hope Eammons dad is getting on ok and of course your lovely family Tracy..how exciting having christmas in another country..think of you often Tracy,miss you lots..love to you both,Lyn xxx


    • think of you often too. I expect the shop is all decked out for xmas. Are you at home for xmas or going to mum and dads? Hope they are keeping well. going to Lisbon soon then Algarve for xmas. Sounds like everyone is leaving, so when are you up and off to Eastbourne? we will be back in June, so we must meet up. Take care. Will speak to you soon. Loys of Love Eamonn & Tracy xxx


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