Portugal Eggs Wine and Rain

We have been in Portugal a few days now, 4 to be precise and it has lashed down for three of those. However, this has not stopped us getting out and about. But before that a new feature. Some people might be aware of my poetry skills and I have previously been compared to Keats, Shelly and occasionally Byron himself. So we thought it to be a good idea to write a future classic on arrival in each country. We will do Spain later. So here first off the blocks is Portugal.

Portugal, O Portugal

You are like Spain, but small,

And your people are not tall,

At all.

And it rains a lot, does it.

The Route so far.


On Sunday we pushed the boat out and went for the full English for brekkie, including I might add Smoked Salmon and Bucks Fizz. As you can see below it looks stunning.

But behind that idyllic looking scene hides a dark tale. I asked my glamorous assistant Tracy to pass me out the eggs to fry on our newly acquired brunch machine and to my astonishment I found the egg to be hard boiled. Oops was the riposte from aforementioned assistant, I must of boiled those a month ago and left them in the fridge, best throw it away. Which I did. The same thing now happened to the next two eggs who also met a sticky end in the bin. At this point it was discovered that we had in fact purchased hard boiled and not fresh eggs. Doh! We did manage to find a couple of stale un-boiled eggs at the back of the Fridge.


As any wine connoisseur knows it is hard to beat an average bottle of Vinho Verde and so as a treat we had one Sunday night. We had to do something after the eggy disaster. I had a choice between the £5 and £2 bottles of Gods nectar. I went for the cheap and salivated all day in anticipation. My life fell apart as on pouring we found the wine to be Tinto. It was the worst bottle of Wine We have ever tasted. Moral, don’t always buy the cheapest, but more importantly, wear your glasses.


This part of Portugal is a stunner. We have travelled through Vinho Verde Country where it seems every house is a vineyard and the mountain sides have been tiered making it appear somewhat Asian. The roads are not that great but no worse than the UK. Although I foolishly tried to get to a Mountain Top village and failed big style with the Van’s wheels in a constant spin.

We drove through the Peneda-geres national park that is scenery to die for. Like Scotland but far more varied flora and so so green. We also visited the town of Ponta De Lima with its Roman Bridge (Medieval really). Loads of Pics below. A very beautiful town where classical music plays from every Lamp post. We have no arrived at Viana De Costelo and according to the guidebooks is the jewel of the Coste Verde. We will let you know.

View of Ponte De Lima From Bridge. Spot the Van

View of Ponte De Lima From Bridge. Spot the Van

River at ponte De Lima

River at ponte De Lima

On the Bridge Ponte De Lima

On the Bridge Ponte De Lima

ports (11 of 15) ports (10 of 15)

Statue Ponte De Lima

Statue Ponte De Lima

Bridge Pomte De Lima

Bridge Pomte De Lima

ports (5 of 15) ports (4 of 15)



Saojao Peneda-Geres National Park

Saojao Peneda-Geres National Park

Initial Thoughts

We like some things in Portugal far more than Spain. It is QUIET. Spain is really noisy, whether it be the women cackling or the dogs barking, Portugal is quiet. The Architecture is more Baroque and we like that. You don’t get pestered by beggars (on route to England) as soon as you sit down in a restaurant, we like that too. One odd thing. If you were from another planet, say the North of England, and landed here you may think you were in some enormous Gay Colony. Everywhere you look are groups of men standing and chatting, every street corner, outside every bar, men stand, smoke and chat.

Hope everyone is well. We are, and we are having fun.

E & T

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