Spain – The last post……… for now

Here we are sitting in the van overlooking the beach on Halloween 2014. We are just in the street next to Bayona Beach hotel and this will be our last stop in Spain for now. Tomorrow we cross the Border into the land of Port and Cheese. The weather forecast is for rain for the next few days so we made a decision to miss out much of the coast South of Santiago De Compostela. To be honest we were getting a little Spanish coastline fatigue, yes it very beautiful and by far the best bit of Spain we have ever been to. Prices are cheap, people are friendly and it is very green. Why people flock to the Costas is beyond us, limited imagination is the best shout.

Santiago De Compostela is a must see. Here lies the body of St James (Santiago). It was brought here after his death in Palestine by Stone boat. Not any old stone boat, no, this one had stone sails. Anyway on arrival in Spain they lost the body. Luckily a few hundred years later a Hermit (funny that is always a hermit) was guided by a guiding light (Compostela) to the body. In a flash before anyone could query this lucky find they built a church over it. Pilgrims have flooded here ever since bringing loads of money to the town. Lucky eh? The Big churchy thing they built is impressive even covered in scaffold. The old town that surrounds it are arcaded and full of interesting shops and excellent tapas bars. As good if not better than San Sebastian.

The only other thing of note is we met Rachel, Paul and Red the boxer dog who are on a similar journey to us and we shared a rather drunken evening having a barbie on the beach.

We will leave you with some pictures and see you in Portugal. Oh and a bit of advice do not buy iBoost systems for your motorhome. Not worth the money

4 responses to “Spain – The last post……… for now

  1. We crossed into Portugal a few days ago as we felt the need for ‘the next thing’. We decide to bypass Porto and are currently journeying down the River Douro on the N222 (one of the Rough Guide’s top recommended drives in Portugal) which clings to the hillside through village after village overlooking the valley full of smallholdings and vineyards. Very pretty indeed. Enjoy Portugal!!!


  2. Blimey did you get a new camera or was it Spain that was just a bit dull 🙂 photos altogether more colourful ……looks great and just catching up with the blogs keep it up


  3. Great blog Chevvers. Glad the two of you are having a super time, you certainly look like you are. Look forward to seeing you when you are back in Northwood during next summer.
    If you fancy a trip to Zimbabwe for our wedding in August 2015 (22nd) let me know and we can make the arrangements.

    Love to you both from Leigh & I


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