The North Spanish Coast

OK, been a bit lazy with this here blog thing. But, it is a bit hard to come in out of the sunshine and do ‘homework’. Since we left the mountains at Cangas De Onis we have not stop Sunny days with temperatures in the mid to high twenties. For you old people that read this it means no need for a cardie.

So here we go with a quick run through with some pics of where we have been.

Carbeceno. 11/10/14

This was an Aire just south of Santander next to a Game Park. You could see and hear the Elephants from the window. It also a pleasant village a few yards up the road with a few bars and, unusually for Spain a shop that was open when we needed it rather than when they could be bothered.

Santillana Del Mar


Otherwise known as the town of three lies; There is no Sainty nonsense, it is not flat and is not on the sea. The place looks and feels like a film set of medieval Spain. The whole place is car free and although it is a working living village it consists solely of restaurants, hotels and tat shops. Very pretty.

Cangas De Onis

We nicknamed this place Cheese Town. Nearly every shop in this town sells cheese, the same cheese and at the weekend they even have a cheese market where every stall sells cheese, the same cheese. I smell an EU scam. No pictures I’m afraid.


The drive to Gijon from the Cheese Town is rather tasty with some spectacular views as seen here.

We stayed about 10 feet from the beach in Gijon and the weather was gorge. There was also a dedicated cycle route all the way into the city and then round the next bay. We liked Gijon, a sort of mini San Sebastian.

As is the norm around these parts Jesus is always looking over you.


This was a spectacular Aire perched on top of a cliff. Although the village had no shops or bars. A first for Spain. We did however spend a pleasant hour or two with Alex and Trish who were on route to their place in Mijas. I believe they were Scottish but now am not sure if the Scots are now English


A great location overlooking the sea but not a great town. Being out of season most places were shut down. It is a favourite with the surfing types. Sorry no pics.


This is a great little town and the Aire is right on the harbour wall. We bumped into Alex and Trish again as they had had some step Gyp and had been delayed. We cycled around, drank in the beach bars, and generally chilled. We liked Foz.


A Coruna

Don’t bother going out of your way to visit here. Not saying any more than that. The aire was in a lovely spot with great views but unfortunately it was used by the locals to come and wash their cars and dogs.

There was a biker bar opposite and we couldn’t wait to leave. On the way we went to the highest Sea Cliffs in Europe ( 1800 feet) . Getting up to these was we started to notice the van struggling.

Cape Finisterre

The end of Earth as so it was for us. But before our troubles we had a lovely time parked up high on the cliffs.

Hope you like where we have been. A journey is now going down the West coast of Spain and Portugal.


One response to “The North Spanish Coast

  1. Beautiful pictures, and it was really nice catching up with you both on Skype last night. Let’s talk again soon please. Lots of love. Mum. X


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