Thoughts after one month

26th October 2014

I am sitting writing this at Cap Finisterre, the most westerly point of Main Europe after what has been a thoroughly enjoyable first month of our travels.

Where have we been?



Type of Stop
25/9 – 28/9 2014 Orio (San Sebastian) Campsite
28/9 – 30/9/2014 Haro (Rioja Country) Campsite
30/9 – 3/10/2014 Burgos Campsite
3/10 – 4/10/2014 Riano Wild
4/10 – 7/10/2014 Avin (Picos de Europa) Campsite
7/10 – 9/10/2014 Potes Campsite
9/10 – 11/10/2014 Orio (San Sebastian) Campsite
11/10 – 13/10/2014 Cabarceno Aire
13/10 – 15/10/2014 Avin (Picos de Europa) Campsite
15/10 – 17/10/2014 Cangas De Onis Aire
17/10 – 20/10/2014 Gijon Aire
20/10 – 21/10/2014 Ortiguera Aire
21/10 – 22/10/2014 Tapia De Casariego Aire
22/10 – 24/10/2014 Foz Aire
24/10 – 26/10/2014 A Coruna Aire
26/10 – 27/10/2014 Cabo Finisterre Wild

Best Places

City: San Sebastian; Stunning location, stylish, great food (Gijon we also liked)

Town: Foz; Beautiful location, great cycle tracks, cool beach bars

View: Riano; A view that must be in the top ten in Europe

Worst Places

City:        A Coruna: A couple of pleasant streets but apart from that think Portsmouth in the rain.

                 Santander looked like a complete cesspit and we didn’t bother to visit

Good Things.

It is so much cheaper than the UK, whether food, diesel, campsites, trains. Anything and everything is cheaper here. Spending the first two weeks with Neil and Laura. Good laugh as always

Everyone is friendlier than in Blighty and far more relaxed. No uptight, mobile phone obsessed morons here.

We have no TV. Weather great, still high twenties at the end of October.

Bad Things

Nothing really. The women never stop talking and they are loud, but apart from that, nada.

Miss about Britain

Apart from Family and Friends, absolutely nothing, not a sausage, least of all work. If anybody ever says how can you retire? You will miss work, blah, blah, blah then pity them. We are having the best time of our lives and we have no work and minimal possessions and we love it. We don’t plan and we don’t let anything phase us.

Stuff we have dumped

Charcoal BBQ. Too much space with coal etc. kept the grid in case

Canvas Chairs, always wet in the mornings, impossible to get dry.

Things we would like to dump

Sleeping bags, suitcase, table.

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