Death at the end of the Earth

27 October 2014

We had spent a lovely Sunday Wild Camping on top of the cliffs at Cabo Fisterre (End of the Earth). Weather was warm and sunny, we had a Barbie and watched a remarkable sunset at the end of mainland Europe.

Next Morning after a romantic breakfast of champagne, smoked salmon and eggs benedict eat overlooking the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean we jumped behind the wheel of Knora Knaus and fired her up.

Well it wouldn’t. It would start but it would not respond to the throttle. So we have now gone from romantic Idyll to being stuck off-road, on top of a cliff at the end of the bloody world. We can leave out the FIAT jokes at this point.

So off to phone the Europe wide FIAT helpline, in the UK they have decided to place this in Birmingham and staff it with people with the thickest black country you can imagine. Their first response was to tell me as the van was purchased in Germany I would have to recall the number and select the German Language option. After explaining London was in England, the vehicle is registered in England, it is taxed in England and insured in England they allowed me to stay on the English speaking helpline. The call was placed was at 10:00 am and at 13:00 some bloke turned up and looked at it and I mean just looked at it and drove off. Finally at 15:00 a breakdown truck turned up and loaded us on.

So off we jolly went with our new friend to the town of Cee and the FIAT dealer. It seems we have a blocked particle filter and broken emission sensor causing the engine management system to fail.

Last night we spent in a car park about 50 metres from the beach while we wait for the part and the engine to be remapped. This is due for 15:00 today and hopefully we will be on our way.

We thought we might breakdown but not after 2,500 miles but then again think FIAT, think SHITE.

One response to “Death at the end of the Earth

  1. Oh dear – hope it’s all fixed now! Keep the engine revs up and maintain load on the engine. NO CRUISING!
    When you leave the most Westerly point in SPAIN, you must eventually see the most Westerly point on mainland EUROPE, near Sintra in Portugal. Sinatra will put all your other “goodies” in the shade – a bit like Pompey in the sun!
    Seriously hope you have no more van problems and keep on enjoying yourselves.
    Terry (Dad) x for Tracy


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