Computers are a Joke

Forgot to tell a little story while up the hill of Jesus in San Sebastian:

everyone is looking around peacefully at the vista that is San Sebastian when all of a sudden a rather large daft clog (tall Dutchman) wearing a Polo shirt emblazoned with the IBM logo pushes people aside to stand on top of the bench. I look to Neil, ‘Careful Neil, he has an IBM shirt on and so is in danger of falling over at anytime’

Angry Dutchman turns and says in best Sean Connery accent , ‘Notsch funnish engschlandar’ before leaping off bench and tripping up. Guffaws of laughter then break out from all nationalities.

Is God English cos he certainly aint Dutch?

2 responses to “Computers are a Joke

  1. Sorry just caught up with this and I thought you were going to try your hardest not to create any international incidents with our EU neighbours.


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