Picos De Europa



Well well well. This has taken an age to upload and finally I have found the problem. Kindles. Yep, the Amazon Kindle just consumes Bandwidth while doing nothing. Anyway enough of the technical problems, and onto the tour. The Picos de Europa are stunning. No argument this place is one of the most scenic places in Europe. As well as the sheer Limestone scenery rising to 9,000 feet and plunging waterfalls the sky is near permanently painted with vultures constantly searching for their next meal.  The only downside is the rain, and does it pour, every night it seems God unleashes his full compliment of Bladder capacity upon us.

We did all that is expected in the ‘Picos’, the gorge walk (pics below) and went up the cable car at Fuente De. Finally we had our first wedding anniversary(8th October)  in the town of Potes (Tracy with candle).  Foodwise, it’s all about the cheese and cider. The Cider involve pouring some rancid sour apple drink over your shoulder into a glass somewhere round your knees. Obviously only a small amount hits the glass, which is just as well as when drunk removes the lining from the roof of your mouth.

van in mist sella Valley riano vans Anniversary @ potes restaurant potes gorges drive picos with trike picos gorge walk picos gorge walk 2 picos gorge walk 3 picos gorge 15 picos church picos arch6 pico road 1

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  1. Having nightmare getting into this ‘word press’ lol..just want to see if this sends..photos ive seen are amazing..bet this dont go xxx


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