Wine Tasting in Rioja

Surprisingly this not turn out to be the disaster we expected it to be. Wine was consumed and not spat at various Bodegas and no international incidents were caused. This was in spite of overwhelming presence of septics shouting awesome at every step. As a result some of the places were a bit unwelcoming to a gang of campers in sandles. We did manage to buy a few bottles of top quality Rioja which now sadly have been consumed. Our favourite being the Ardanza.

Here are some pics of the serious process of quaffing

Rioja Rioja-3 Rioja-4 Rioja-5

The next day we drove through Rioja country towards Burgos, visiting the Wine Museum at Briones. Can throughly recommend the wine museum but to be fair the countryside just aint that great.

Some pics

Rioja-10 Rioja-13

We stopped over at the city of Burgos. We spent a couple of hours walking round the city which was pleasant enough. it does have a large cathedral in the middle as you can see below.

However my overriding memory of Burgos will be British Motorhomers/caravanners.  In the space of half an hour we saw one reverse into the electricity supply unit for the campsite. They sat in their motorhome embarrassed for about n hour and then drove off. Secondly some arrogant ass turned up in a caravan and proceeded to beat it in true Basil Fawlty style when the tow wheel got stuck. And then at the height of his rage one of dogs decided it was time to relieve itself.  The other Europeans just stare in disbelief at the general incompetence of us brits abroad. ho Hum


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