San sebastian and the drive to Rioja Country

San Sebastian panorama

San Sebastian panorama

The Route


Orio to Haro

The weather has just got better and better and so today (30th September) we walked into Orio and caught the tiny little train to San Sebastian. What a beautiful city is San Sebastian. It has a setting for a major city probably unequalled in Europe. Think Lulworth Cove on a serious lump of acid. We did the touristy thing of climbing up the hill with Jesus atop, for the views, eat Pinxtos in the old town and stroll round the elegant Boulevards. Finally looked after some poor woman who fell over until the Ambulance arrived. Must have been something to do with Jesus visit. Here are some pics so you can judge for yourselves.100714_1435_SanSebastia5.jpg 100714_1441_SanSebastia2.jpg 100714_1435_SanSebastia3.jpg 100714_1435_SanSebastia2.jpg

Also Spotted some Graffiti which we had to agree with

untitled (21 of 65)

Here is Us within sight of Jesus

untitled (26 of 65) untitled (25 of 65)

The night after these were taken we had a tremendous storm meaning I get a kick in the shins and am sent out to resuce Awning, flags and furniture sometime in the middle of the night. Luckily everything survived OK.

The next day we got up and apcked before driving to the Capital of the Rioja region, Haro. The journey goes through the heart of Basque country which is spectaclular. A great drive recommended to all.

You can see a short video clip below

3 responses to “San sebastian and the drive to Rioja Country

  1. ..oh my these are all little practice runs to see if im getting anywhere..miss you,miss you,miss wonderful,you really are living the proud of you and telling people what my bestest friend in the world is doing with her


    • Hello : ) xxx we have just got wifi after a long time. We are truly having an amazing time. Sitting having a coffee in the sun at the moment. I hope you are keeping well and all the family. Missing you too, we will meet up in the summer when we return. Or you come over and see us. Lots of love my friend xxxx


      • ..hello Tracy..arrr so great to hear from you..been reading all Eammons writings..really does sound amazing,you’ve visited so many places,truly happy you’re both so both take care and look after each’s Olegg enjoying his travels, lol? ive seen on your blogg look fantastic,wowww,what a wonderful time you’re fab to see you next summer..untill then looking forward to seeing all the next lot of places you’ll be visiting..lots of love xxx


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