All sunny in Orio

Well here we are sitting in the sun int the town of Orio, Spain. This is our first full day after a smooth crossing over from Portsmouth aboard the MV Cap Finistere. It was good to see some things never change. Three quizzes entered, three quizzes won. Our prizes were Pens, a tin of Quality Street, two Toblerones, and a Ipod Speaker. Neil and Laura seem to be chirpy and relaxing into the holiday

Here is a short video of us arriving at our campsite in Orio.

Today the 26th we went into town, got some provisions, wandered around the old tow, which is very pleasant and now are sitting around doing not a lot before the barbie is fired up. I presume some cerveza will be consumed.

Old Town Orio

LFC and Devon Flags

Sly and Knora sunbathing

Knora with a relaxing Laura in the background

6 responses to “All sunny in Orio

  1. YAY guys! Looks super so far. I have you permanently open on a tab in safari and so will be following your adventures sat at my desk. Indoors. At work. A concept that I’m sure is already a distant memory. Have a blast! xxxxx


    • Just driven through picos de Europa. Absolutely stunning scenery. Will update blog when we have internet. All going well. Having fun. Lots of graffiti with the slogan; No Talas +. Wanna tell us about it? Lots of love xxx


    • hello… we have internet! how are you all? I hope miso has settled in. We are now in potes, which is in the picos de europa, stunning views and wiggley roads. We will skpe you when our friends have left us, maybe sunday. take care lots of love. Miss you xxxxxxxx


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