Picking up Knora Knaus

12th August 2014

You know it’s early when you are woken by a shrill electronic burp of the phone and it is still dark outside. But on this day nothing and I mean nothing could dull the excitement of jetting off to Weeze to pick up our future home from ABC Campers in Bedburg-Hau.  Not even the endless queues of the security lines at Stansted Airport or the joy of a Ryanair flight could put a downer on today.

So after the inevitable drudge through the terminal and mandatory cup of coffee dregs we wizzed to weeze.  We were through the ex-RAF base in minutes and on to our second mode of transport for the day, the bus to Kevelar. A 20 minute ride through the uninspiring scenery of North Germany brought us to the railway station where we to board the train to Kleve.  Time for some lunch in Kleve, a town best described as a cross between Harlow and Basildon who’s only claim to fame is producing one of the wives for Henry VIII. It was here that my theory that the only reason for the existence of Germans is to make the British look well dressed and was proved without question.

One Sausage later and we reached our destination where a group of jolly Germans relived us of a considerable bundle of cash in exchange for a shiny new Knaus Sun Ti 700 LX.  And guess what, we love it. The only snag was our hosts failed miserably when asked to photo the occasion and pressed the off button

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